Welcome to One Touch Streaming Service

Streaming At Your Fingertips!!


1. Scroll down on Home page

2. Select the subscription that best fits your needs.
1 Month, 3 Months, or 6 Months.

3. Press Get Started ~ You will be directed to another screen

4. Log In/Sign Up

5. Click Purchase
You will now be directed to the Automation system.
You will be asked to Sign In/Sign Up.

Sign Up/Sign In with your name and email address along
with your payment information.
If you are new to One Touch Streaming Services, you will be
charged a One Time Activation Charge of $25.00. Please
update your cart to reflect this One Time Charge.
Once payment is received you will receive a message from
One Touch Automation System confirming payment and
installation setup information.

6, To renew your subscription you will need to visit our
website. Once there, repeat the above steps (selecting 1, 3,
or 6 months) to renew your subscription.

7. For Additional Items
– More Connections – Additional $7.00

Thanks for Choosing

One Touch Streaming Services!!

Streaming At Your Fingertips!!



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